letter #013 | dear younger me: 100 reasons to keep going.

100 reasons to keep going.

Letter #013

May 29, 2023

the inspiration.

To first give credit where it is due, this idea is based off a Self Care Is For Everyone x Camryn Sullivan collaboration in which Camryn wrote a piece called 100 reasons to stay alive.

The concept really moved me and I wanted to create my own version.

my why.

I chose to write about “reasons to keep going” because sometimes we are in a state where we are still wanting to stay alive, but are going through a season that is still very trying and demanding of us on physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental planes.

This includes seasons such as sickness of self or loved ones, financial difficulties, school (at any level), a challenging job, struggles in platonic, family, and romantic relationships, grief, breakups, health restoration, starting something new, exiting an unhealthy cycle, living outside of your comfort zone, intentionally healing, growing, etc.

I wanted to write this for my younger self, but also my current self as I walk through several of these seasons in my own life right now.

It’s also for my future self as I know this current time won’t be my last challenging season and to anyone else who needs a reminder of why you should keep going.

If you practice a faith, here are some of my favorite verses/scriptures from a few I’ve studied:

Winter always turns to spring. -Nichiren Buddhism

With every hardship comes ease. -The Qur'an

“...Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. -The Bible

Without further ado, here are my 100 reasons:

100 reasons to keep going

  1. For the people who smile and say “good morning” on morning walks
  2. For when “bad days” unexpectedly turn into good and great days
  3. For the random texts, emails, calls, and handwritten letters from good people you haven’t heard from in a while
  4. To see another beautiful color-painted sunset
  5. For the times when you receive the right message at the right time
  6. For the stories and memes that actually make you laugh out loud
  7. For daring to try a new food or cuisine and discovering a new favorite
  8. For those times at a 4-way stop when the other person gives you the “go-ahead” hand
  9. The double-brake light “thank you” that semi-trucks give you on the freeway for letting them over
  10. For when a baby smiles or waves back at you
  11. For when you find a new song that perfectly captures your current mood
  12. For when you meet someone who you instantly click with
  13. For when someone says something that perfectly encapsulates a feeling you were struggling to articulate
  14. For the music that gives you chills
  15. For the first time you hear a new favorite song
  16. For those quiet, peaceful moments when you realize you and everything around you will be okay
  17. For the grateful exhale that comes with long-awaited good news
  18. For proof that your hard work is paying off
  19. For when you feel like you’re getting better again
  20. To be able to tell someone coming up a few steps behind you “this is how I got through this”
  21. To show younger you it’s possible
  22. To honor the lives and continue the efforts of your ancestors who paved the way before you
  23. For moments of clarity
  24. For when you get perfectly comfortable in your bed—pillow just right, and not too hot or too cold
  25. For when a little kid draws you a picture or gives you a present they made
  26. For the moments you fully believe in yourself
  27. For the times you feel confident and like nothing can bring you down
  28. For the feeling of shower jets on your back at the perfect temperature and water pressure
  29. For the smell of fresh flowers
  30. For when you notice an example of your growth
  31. For when someone genuinely cares to know how you're doing
  32. For when someone remembers your birthday without social media and wishes you a happy one
  33. For the “this made me think of you” texts
  34. For the times when you discover a playlist that just hits 😮‍💨🤌🏽
  35. For when you see yourself getting stronger — physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually
  36. For when you slip into a flow state and lose track of time in a creative / peaceful pursuit
  37. For the good days that haven’t happened yet
  38. For the people who will love you who you haven’t met yet
  39. To meet the healed version of yourself
  40. For receiving opportunities that align with your truest self
  41. For when you step out on courage and it works out
  42. For when it works out in general
  43. For finally shedding a part of yourself that no longer served you
  44. For an outfit/haircut/hairstyle that makes you feel hella confident
  45. For forehead kisses
  46. For those times when you get a tight hug when you really need it
  47. For meeting someone who makes you feel safe enough to let your guard down
  48. For the feeling of being cherished
  49. For the feeling of being appreciated
  50. For the feeling of being seen and deeply loved
  51. For when you finally overcome what you’re going through
  52. For moments of relief
  53. For the joy of eating/drinking something remarkable
  54. For the times you notice you’re making progress
  55. For when you’re finally able to forgive those who did you harm
  56. For when you’re finally able to forgive yourself
  57. For when someone gives you a thoughtful gift
  58. For getting to see the wonder, innocence, and unbridled joy in a child’s eyes
  59. For the moment you overcome something you once thought you couldn’t
  60. For when you can finally look in the mirror and like who and what you see
  61. For when being kind to yourself becomes natural
  62. For getting to help someone get through something you already have
  63. For the teachers, mentors, and friends who become family and support you when you need it most
  64. For the times crying is just healing
  65. For those times you’re in a rush and you hit every green light
  66. For when people let you go ahead of them at the grocery store because you only have a few items
  67. For art that inspires you to create
  68. For art that inspires you to begin again
  69. For art that makes you feel understood
  70. For super comfortable clothes that fit just right
  71. For learning something that makes you realize you’re not alone
  72. For learning something that helps you understand yourself, the world, and others better
  73. For when a song comes on that you haven’t heard in a while and it takes you back to a special time in your life
  74. For workouts/movement in general that makes you feel so much better than when you started
  75. For when you start implementing true self-care (nutritional nourishment, rest, healing, movement, etc.) and you start feeling better
  76. For the privilege of getting to make more memories with people you love and care about
  77. For when someone who has journeyed through several stages of life with you says, “I’m so proud of you”
  78. For when you finally feel proud of yourself
  79. For when you get a great night of sleep
  80. For when you wake up tired but realize you can go back to sleep a while longer
  81. For a day off that leaves you feeling truly refreshed
  82. For when someone helps you see something in a better way
  83. For when someone helps you
  84. For when you get to help someone else
  85. For the moments you are reminded how blessed/fortunate/lucky you are
  86. For the first time you hear “I love you” from a new loved one
  87. For finally rounding the corner on a season that felt so hard
  88. For moments of peace and calm within a storm
  89. For the times holding onto hope feels more like holding a loved one’s hand rather than hanging on by a thread
  90. For the times you feel deserving of the blessings in your life
  91. For shared meals with friends
  92. For open vulnerability with others
  93. To make younger you proud
  94. For finally gathering the strength and courage to start/leave/start over/walk away
  95. For the ones who believed in you before you believed in yourself
  96. For the ones who poured into you while expecting nothing in return
  97. For the ones who made you feel like you were worthy of experiencing good things
  98. To show gratitude for the opportunity to still be here
  99. To honor those who no longer are
  100. For Mitsu, but also, for you.

#zettaikatsu (translation: I will absolutely overcome. I will win.)

I love you, Mitsuaki.

Thank you for all you taught me.

I’d love to hear from you.

Have any thoughts about this letter? Did anything resonate with you in this week's writing?

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Hey Reader,

I hope that you can take just a moment this week to consider what your reasons to keep going may be. If you can, I'd love to hear a few or as many of your reasons as you'd feel comfortable sharing.

Know that I appreciate you being here and the time you share engaging with my words. Thank you so much, Reader. I appreciate you and I'll see you in a week or two. :]

With love,

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